The Chosen “Oner”

21 May 2014, Posted by Phil Crosby in General, News, Sketchpad

“Goodfellas”, “Touch of Evil”, “Lawrence of Arabia”…”Jaws”?

All these films have one (continuous) thing in common – they’re all well known for their single shot scenes, or “Oners”. This narrative tool has been used in all manner of movies and TV productions, often the calling card of wannabe Welles and Scorsese’s of the world.

However, if we journey back earlier in our cinema heritage, we find that these now celebrated elaborate set pieces were once more common place and more expressive and efficient means of moving through a scene. This evolution from a proscenium style of cinema to our more recent hyperactive, overly edited modern offering is tracked well in the featured video today from youtuber “Every Frame a Painting”.

This particular episode focuses on Spielberg, effectively debunking some of the unwarranted criticism he receives and charting his powerful use of the “Oner” to really add another level to his story telling and affirm his as one of the true masters of cienma.

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