Now that's creepy!

20 Jun 2014, Posted by Phil Crosby in General, Sketchpad

There’s not been too many great visual effects in the past few years…however this guy seems like he has a few tricks up his sleeve.
Try watching this movie without your skin crawling. That is due to the quality of movement, the detail, it’s a lot more than a simply visual experience. Some of the effect could be assigned to mild Automatonophobia, however in this simple prop there is an audience reaction, an effect that can never be replicated by digital effects.
I’m a massive fan of phsyical effects. As we’re mentioned in countless previous articles, nothing causes a better reaction and creates a world better than in camera effects – actors can relate to their surroundings easier and thus provide a more involving performance, they don’t age as badly as CGI, they create physical limitations for production design that often produce more realistic effects and character as opposed to impractical and impossible effects, locations and players that often draw an audience out of their film experience.
I’ll be the first to admit that given the chance I would make a movie entirely with practical effects.

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