Lilies In Winter

She was a 2-bit girl in an 8-bit world, and I was gonna fix her.

The Film

Origin Story

In April 2015, we entered the SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge ( This competition, run by the creators of the Sci-Fi London Film Festival has seen many big name talents provide previous entries – most notably Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla).

To enter, you must dedicate an entire weekend to make your film, from provide details, entirely from script to edit all in 48 hours. Considering our previous track record for delivering films, this was to be a challenge. Our randomly selected details were as follows;

  •  Title: Lilies in Winter
  • Line: Leave them to sweat for a bit, I’ll go and speak to them later.
  • Prop: Watch – a character resets the time on a watch one hour ahead.
  • Optional Science Idea:Robotic limbs look natural.

We then had to work to make it all up from 1pm Saturday the 11th of April, to 1pm Monday the 13th. We eventually finished and submitted the version you see above at about 3:30am on Monday.

Cast & Crew

Actors in order of Appearance

Zoe Cunningham
Monique Squeri
Keif Gwinn

Keif Gwinn

Phillip Crosby

Nick Hilton

Production Assistant
Julia Grudnowska

Original Score
Alexander David Norman

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