The Great Escape


Everyday is another battle. For one worker it’s war, and he’s going to mount his GREAT ESCAPE!

The Film

Origin Story

Christian and Keif saw an opportunity to enter a MoFilm challenge, being organised for Pepsi, under the theme of Freedom. The rules were simple, produce a short (50 seconds plus 10 seconds for bumpers) on the theme of Freedom. Christian came up with an idea about a bored office worker tunnelling his way to freedom. We shot it quickly over a weekend in the summer and entered the competition.

Cast & Crew

Written and Directed by Christian Ancliff
Staring Francis Foster
Extras Christian Ancliff, Keif Gwinn
Shot and Edited by Keif Gwinn
Whistles by Ella Wahlström

With thanks to Thinkgrid for the office.

Music from the Great Escape, by Elmer Bernstein

MoFilm Version

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