The Sword That Explodes

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Dive into a world where fantasy tropes are playfully turned on their heads and where today’s frustrations, from overbearing oafs and cult leaders to political bureaucracy, are satirized with sharp wit.

The Sword That Explodes is an engaging six part audio sitcom offering listeners a unique blend of humor and fantasy, available for free. Journey with Clive, a naive barbarian exiled from his tribe, as he teams up with new “friends” Lily and Roger. As Clive tries to leave his barbaric ways behind, their escapades lead to outcomes that vary from the disastrous to the downright revolting.

Boasting “amazing production values” as stated by Mark @ The British Comedy Guide, this sitcom stars John Barron (Little Shop of Horrors, Judi Dench Playhouse), Gillian Horgan (The Widows, Reverie), and Steve Kent (Birthday Suite, Crimes of Passions). Also lending their voices are Holly Gillanders (Double Act), Keif Gwinn (British Rationals), Tom Slatter (Robot Overlords), Kevin Watkins, and Elise Whyte (Jasper Dragon, BBC Sesh), with a special guest appearance by Tom Crowley (Wooden Overcoats, BBC Radio 4 Extra).

Created by Olly Allsopp and co-written with Nick Briggs, the show’s direction and production come from the combined expertise of Keif Gwinn, Nick Briggs, and Olly Allsopp. Stefan Inglis crafted the show’s catchy theme music, with post-production performed by Stefan Inglis, Keif Gwinn, and Nick Briggs.

A nod of appreciation goes to Josh McLeod at Rubber Factory Studio for his contributions.

Listen to “Episode 1: Party of Clive”.

Listen to “Episode 2: Well I Warned You”.

Listen to “Episode 3: A Plague on All Your Howlers””.

Listen to “Episode 4: Forbidden Love Island”.

Listen to “Episode 5: The King and Clive”.

Listen to “Episode 6: Expecting to Flee”.

Episodes drop every Sunday at The Sword That Explodes.

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