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19 Feb 2014, Posted by Phil Crosby in General, Sketchpad


CGI and Motion Capture have become so engrossed in the creative process for most Hollywood movies that it’s hard to remember a time before computer generated SFX. Initially heralded for the ability to take us to new and exciting places that more traditional effects could not, we were promised a greater cinematic experience with the rise of computer generated action.

However, maybe because of over-dependency or simply not good enough effect rendering, we have been left with a series of woeful effects that alienate rather than immerse an audience.

We’re starting to see a bit of a revolution though, courtesy of directors like Guillermo Del Toro who are creating a blend, with highly practical sets that are supported by CGI, thus the key subjects that we focus on are all real and experience real effects, however some additional details are supplemented by the SFX. The below video is a Behind the Scenes from the latest Del Toro feature, ‘Pacific Rim’, really good insight into the work flow of concept to screen and showing how little real CGI is used, in favour of real in camera effects – staying true to create a more Cinematic experience.

But, something I saw today did see today made me eat my words a little. If we can bring 3D rendering and CGI to the level that the below video shows, then Motion Capture can really be brought back as a serious Theatrical option – just as Robert Zemeckis would have wanted. Imagine being able to shoot a photorealistic Motion Capture Dirty Harry? You could forget the reboot, just keep making sequels for all the original movies, new stories but keep the old brand too. Hollywood would have a field day…

3d rendering is just getting better and better.

But, never as good as this.

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