The review with a difference…

Film review sites are a dime a dozen, but if you’re interested in getting a bit more bang for your buck (and many dollar based idioms) look no further.

Crossing the Line looks to go above and beyond and give you the filmmakers insight into the most recent movies. Looking at everything from narrative and characterisation to the more technical aspects such as sound design, editing and cinematography we aim to give you even more insight into why a film flops or flies.

Crossing the Line is a well known cinema technique for shooting dialogue scenes (also known as the 180º Rule). What better name for Sketch In’s movie reviews, not only for the it’s cinematic meaning, but also as we go beyond the screen to give you an insight into how WE would improve the movie; Hours to Fix in Post is our benchmark of how much work needs to go into the movie to help it meet it’s potential.

Check out our reviews below, updated weekly.

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